• Constantly Upholds the Honor and Dignity of the Profession in All Actions and Relations with Pupils, Colleagues, School Board Members, and the Public.
  • Obeys Local, State and National Laws, Moral Standards, and Gives Loyalty to this Nation and to the Cause of Democracy.
  • Makes it a Career Responsibility to Master and to Contribute to the Growing Body of Specialized Knowledge, Concepts, and Skills Which Characterize School Administration.
  • Strives to Provide the Finest Possible Educational Experiences and Opportunities to All Persons in the School Corporation.
  • Seeks to Preserve and Enhance the Prestige and Status of the Profession when Applying for a Position or Entering into Contractual Agreements.
  • Carries out in Good Faith All Policies Duly Adopted by the Local Board and the Regulations of State Authorities and Renders Professional Service of High Quality.
  • Honors the Public Trust of the Position Above Any Economic or Social Rewards.
  • Does not Permit considerations of Private Gain nor Personal Economic Interest to Affect the Discharge of Professional Responsibilities.
  • Recognizes That the Public Schools are the Public’s Business and Seeks to Keep the Public Fully and Honestly Informed About Their Schools.