April 2016 President’s Message

Posted on March 29, 2016


Happy spring IAPSS!


As we enter into the final nine weeks of this school year, I’m reminded of the symbolic gesture that occurs in football stadiums across the country at the end of the third period. The players raise four fingers high into the air signaling that the fourth quarter belongs to them, or in other words, they are emphasizing a commitment to finishing the game exceptionally strong. Whether the team is clinging to a lead or fighting toward a comeback, the signal provides a rallying point for the belief that the game is won in that crucial final quarter. It’s been three tiring quarters since beginning the game with optimism and determination, and by raising their arms, the players are publicly declaring their intentions for giving it their best one final quarter in an effort to reach their goals. By relying on their strength, conditioning and training, they use the short break to catch their breath and mentally prepare for the final push.


Be sure to mark your calendars to attend your region’s spring 2016 IAPSS meeting. Also, please save the date for the installation activities of the 2016-2017 IAPSS President Dr. Jeff Hendrix in the School Town of Munster: June 9-10, 2016.


Educators are committed to finishing strong; our students deserve our best “final push.” Thank you for what you’ve already done this school year and for your commitment in this upcoming ‘final quarter.’ Your leadership of Indiana’s school districts helps set the positive tone and high expectations of achievement.  Let’s raise our hands and declare our best efforts going into this final quarter.




Dr. Scott Hanback, IAPSS President