August 2015 President’s Message

Posted on July 29, 2015



August 2015

To the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents:

It is my honor to serve as IAPSS President in 2015-2016 because IAPSS has genuinely provided so much support

and benefit to me in my career. I view my service as a way to give back to an association that has given so

much to me and so many others since 1962. I’d especially like to thank those members, sponsors, and friends

who were able to celebrate in person during the installation festivities in Lafayette last month. Thanks to Dr.

J.T. Coopman and Dr. Robert Taylor, we had an enjoyable time and accomplished the important task of

installing the 2015-2016 IAPSS Officers. Summers are certainly busy with vacations and school work so if you

weren’t able to join us I completely understand, maybe you can attend next summer in Munster, IN with

President-Elect Superintendent Jeff Hendrix.

I was fortunate enough to come into the profession at a time when there were so many outstanding leaders in

the state who had visions not only for their school corporations and the education field in general, but

specifically a vision for making those around them better; some refer to these types of individuals as mentors.

Dr. Richard Wood, former Tippecanoe School Corporation Superintendent, had a knack for prompting others

into administration. At least four currently seated Indiana superintendents once called TSC their employer and

Dr. Wood their boss. I’m one of those four who called him boss, and many other terms he may or may not

know about, and currently TSC my employer. I’ve also called him mentor and today a friend. Dr. Wood served

this association proudly as President in 1998.

Other former Indiana superintendents like Steve Yager served his district and IAPSS with eyes on supporting

and encouraging others around him. He was IAPSS President in 2007. Reactivated from retirement, Dr. Yager

will now serve the State Board of Education with class, dignity, and seasoned educational experience. It was

Dr. Yager who first encouraged me to serve on the IAPSS Executive Committee. Along with Dr. Wood, his

listening ear and wise counsel have been well received by me on many occasions.

So you see, IAPSS for me is about the people. It’s about building relationships. It’s the networking and

exchanging of ideas with colleagues and associates that makes us great and our association strong. IAPSS can

assist you with enhancing your skills and influence as a state leader on those people around you. If ever

Indiana requires common sense educational leaders it is today.

I encourage you to return your 2015-2016 IAPSS membership application as soon as possible so we can quickly

hit 100% membership participation. Take a moment and find the upcoming IAPSS events like the December 13-

15, 2015 IAPSS Annual Meeting and place them on your calendars. Or others like the AASA Annual Conference

in Phoenix February 11-14, 2016. Make it a priority to attend IAPSS events because aside from your own

professional gains, maybe there is a superintendent who will benefit from interacting with you. When you

engage IAPSS, all of us improve.

Please help me welcome any new Indiana superintendents this year. Call a colleague and ask them how it’s

going. I look forward to fulfilling this oath of office through positive relationships and to the best of my ability.

Please feel free to contact me with ideas or anything else about your association: or



Dr. Scott Hanback, Tippecanoe School Corporation Superintendent

2015-2016 IAPSS President