March 2014 Ex. Director’s Update

Posted on July 16, 2014

By: Dr. J. T. Coopman, Executive Director

We would like to thank the sponsors of the February Winter IAPSS Seminar entitled Planning for a Referendum. The session sponsors were Umbaugh and Associates and Ice Miller. The sessions were highlighted by using data to communicate with your board and community presented by ForeCast 5, Tips for a successful referendum presented by Dr. Tom Little, Supt. MSD Perry Twp. along with Robin Winston and Pat Terrell, Planning a Successful Referendum Campaign presented by Dr. Don Lifto, and the legal issues associated with a referendum presented by Ice Miller’s Jane Herndon. We also heard about the newly formed Indiana Principal Leadership Institute (IPLI) at Indiana State University under the direction of Dr. Linda Marrs-Morford. IAPSS appreciates and thanks to all that took the time to prepare and present at this seminar. The presentations were all very helpful and informative to everyone in attendance.

The spring seminar is April 16, 2014 at the Palms Event Center in Plainfield. We will hear from George Couros on the topic of Using Technology in 21st Century K-12 Leadership. Dr. Couros is a practicing school principal in Canada and has been a sought after speaker in the USA and Canada on this topic and several other educational leadership issues. We ask our members to attend and bring other members of their leadership to this seminar that is sure to be of great value for their leadership development. Our thanks to Dr. Jeff Hendricks and members of the professional development committee for their work on this seminar on behalf of our membership.

We are winding down this legislative short session which is scheduled to adjourn on March 14th. Several relevant education related bills were heard and expected to pass this session. Of particular interest are bills related to mitigating circuit breaker and protected taxes issues that are especially damaging for school districts with declining AV and high debt. These issues are effecting their ability to fund transportation and maintain capital project funding.  The business personal property tax issue without replacement revenue is also of concern. IAPSS has joined forces along with ISBA and IASBO, cities and towns, as well as fire and police agencies to lobby against this proposed legislation.  See information on the IAPSS website about the effects to school districts as presented by LSA. The next disturbing proposed legislation dealt with guns on school property. It was presented as innocuous legislation, but it was much more than that and reduced the penalty from a felony to a misdemeanor. IAPSS and many others lobbied against the bill and several superintendents actively engaged with their legislators on the bill.

IAPSS is looking forward to our annual spring district meetings which begin later this month and in April. Please see the IAPSS web site for meeting dates and times.

A big thank you to Mary Roberson, Superintendent Perry County Community School  Corporation, for her year of service to IAPSS as our president. She did an outstanding job.

IAPSS thanks our members for their leadership and support of IAPSS.