May 2014 President’s Message

Posted on July 16, 2014

Next month Bob Taylor will be installed as IAPSS President. A year has gone by quickly, but it is a year of service that I will never forget. Being part of this profession and this organization is an honor, and to be able to add to that being the leader of this great organization is pinnacle for me. As I close out my term, I extend my sincerest thanks to the membership for allowing me the opportunity to serve.

We come from different communities and different backgrounds, but we are bound together by a common goal, common victories on behalf of the children and communities we serve, and common struggles. We may not agree on every policy, but in the end we know that fellow superintendents understand what we are going through, like few other people can. Thank you for being that special group for me.

I appreciate working with JT Coopman, our executive director. As a former superintendent he understands what our organization needs. JT respects our rich tradition, and at the same time is moving us forward in positive ways. I have enjoyed working with Jim Freeland and extend sincere thanks for his service to IAPSS. Getting to know him and his wife, Mary, has been a bonus. Finally, I want to publicly thank Lana White and Sherry Brewer. They are special ladies who take very good care of our organization. They care about our organization, and they care about people. My life is better because I know them!

I encourage you to join us in Lebanon for Bob Taylor’s induction. It is a great time to come together as an organization and remember our common bonds. It will be a time to celebrate our success as an organization and to think of our bright future. Our state is in good hands with the leadership we have serving. Together we are making a difference for the children of Indiana!

Mary Roberson
IAPSS President