November 2013 President’s Message

Posted on July 16, 2014

Most of us have first hand experience with the phenomena of contrasting opinion’s of public education in people’s local communities compared to their general attitude of public education.  I believe in nearly all of our districts, our community members give high marks to their local schools, but have a less favorable view of public education in general.  It is a frustrating anomaly for us, and one that can be damaging since so much control of education is based at the state and national level. Our association can be an important vehicle to bridge this gap.  IAPSS binds us together to combine local positive stories and opinions into a cohesive positive voice for public education.  Local communities are doing great things.  We must tell our stories.  Legislators and the public need to see that public education deserves recognition and support.  Our local stories are indicative of the big picture, not local anomalies.  By being part of IAPSS you are the link of your local corporation to the larger community.  Attend our conferences and build connections.  Talk to your local legislators.  Bring the good work in your unique corporation to a state level, and carry the good news from across the state back home.  Public education is making a difference in the lives of children.  IAPSS and its members are key to spreading this too often disguised truth.

Mary Roberson