September 2015 Ex. Director’s Update

Posted on July 24, 2015


To: IAPSS Membership

From: Dr. J. T. Coopman, Executive Director

Date: August 31, 2015

Re: ISBA Superintendent Searches


I’m writing as a follow-up to the letter I emailed the IAPSS membership dated April 24, 2015. The IAPSS Executive Committee has spent a great deal of time working with ISBA Executive Director, Dr. Brian Smith, on the issue of ISBA Superintendent Searches. This has been an ongoing issue since last January and the IAPSS Executive Committee members have actively vetted and discussed the process proposed to be used by ISBA in conducting superintendent searches.

As a result, during the July 2015 IAPSS Executive Committee meeting, Dr. Brian Smith was invited to attend and share with the committee his latest proposed process. Upon the completion of his presentation, the executive committee had the opportunity to discuss the newly revised proposal. Dr. Smith was asked to subsequently submit the revisions in writing to serve as a summary of the presentation. The IAPSS Executive Committee considered the summary and discovered that it was evident that ISBA listened to our initial concerns and developed this revised proposal. By consensus, we felt the compromised proposal was acceptable for our members.

The basic essence of the ISBA proposal is in working with school boards on developing criteria desired for a new superintendent, advertising the vacancy, and subsequently accepting applications. Once all applications are received, they will not be screened by ISBA nor are candidates recommended to the boards by ISBA Staff, but rather all applications will be conveyed to the board for their review and the local school board will select the candidates they wish to interview. Also, ISBA and the local school board will have the opportunity to plan a transition strategy and evaluation process involving the newly appointed superintendent and school board if asked to do so.

The IAPSS Executive Committee worked very hard on your behalf in protecting your interests and working with the ISBA Executive Director on a compromised proposal. We are satisfied this process, as described, is not detrimental to our association or its members and consider the matter closed. Thank you for your leadership and continued support of IAPSS.