September 2016 Ex. Director’s Update

Posted on September 1, 2016


What’s New at IAPSS?

Dr. J. T. Coopman, Executive Director


IAPSS is pleased to announce three major initiatives they are embarking upon in 2016-17. The first one is redefining the IAPSS Business Partner agreements. IAPSS just announced the formation of the tiered partnership program comprised of various levels, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Friend. Each level equates to a different degree of monetary commitment to IAPSS. Each level of contribution corresponds with a variety of opportunities for the business to sponsor and thus gain greater exposure. These tiers and opportunities are available at the IAPSS office and will soon be on the web site.


The executive committee approved the opportunity to perform a strategic planning study for the association in conjunction with Battelle for Kids. A variety of facets within the association will be studied including the long term financial health of the association and the study of best association practices in other states that can be replicated in Indiana. Along with survey responses from the members, a determination will be made regarding short and long term plans to guide the association into the future.


IAPSS in concert with Butler University formulated the EPIC leaders program. IAPSS worked with the Butler College of Education, Department of Educational Leadership and the Lacy School of Business, Executive Leadership department to develop a program for Indiana school leaders that has business leadership components coupled with educational leadership components. The program will run over six sessions scheduled in one year and will have a practical school based project as a culminating activity leading to a certificate of EPIC proportions.


IAPSS congratulates our members and school leaders for a great beginning of school and wishes each district much success for the 2016-17 school year. Thank you for your leadership and support of IAPSS.


  1. T. Coopman, Ed. D. Executive Director