Dr. J. T. Coopman, Executive Director

Posted on February 1, 2017

We are at the halfway point in the 2017 General Assembly session. Several onerous bills were not moved forward and some of the damage was mitigated with amended bills moving forward. Certainly superintendent voices heard at “home” were very helpful in guiding bills in the right direction and I want to thank any superintendent or board member who took time to personally come to the statehouse and intercede or provide testimony.

JT Coopman

Here is the Indiana General Assembly 2017 Session Education-Related Bills Update for March 2, 2017. The table below includes basic information for 199 bills (62 live and 137 dead). If any bills have not passed out of the first house by now, they are dead for this session. I’ll occasionally update and redistribute this list as the session progresses.

The currently live bills and resolutions also are listed below.

Indiana General Assembly 2017 First Regular Session Legislation

Bill: March 2, 2017
SB 15: Cannabidiol for the treatment of epilepsy.
SB 29: Elective course on Indiana studies.
SB 30: Student school information.
SB 34: Background checks for school employees.
SB 46: Various pension matters.
SB 60: State officer salaries.
SB 61: School resource officers.
SB 62: School substance abuse prevention pilot program and fund.
SB 85: Funding school transportation and public transit.
SB 86: School curriculum.
SB 108: Education matters.
SB 117: United States history courses.
SB 182: Superintendent contracts.
SB 196: School debt service obligations.
SB 198: Career and technical education.
SB 224: Prekindergarten status report.
SB 248: Consolidation of school corporations.
SB 249: Teacher hiring.
SB 262: Bonding for transportation projects.
SB 276: Prekindergarten education.
SB 298: School employee background checks.
SB 337: Study of ethnic and racial groups course.
SB 355: Child abuse education and policies.
SB 367: Revocation of teaching licenses.
SB 390: Employment of individuals with disabilities.
SB 392: Emergency medication in schools.
SB 407: Education matters.
SB 409: Collective bargaining.
SB 412: 529 education savings plan matters.
SB 423: Sanctuary policies and educational institutions.
SB 435: Mental health education and screenings.
SB 475: Developmental delay.
SB 498: Teacher compensation.
SB 504: Programs and services for charter schools.
SB 506: Suicide prevention programming.
SB 567: Gary schools and the distressed unit appeal board.
HB 1001: State biennial budget.
HB 1003: Student assessments.
HB 1004: Prekindergarten education.
HB 1005: Superintendent of public instruction.
HB 1007: Education course access program.
HB 1008: Workforce development.
HB 1009: School financial management.
HB 1024: Prayer in schools.
HB 1043: Referendum process and remonstrance process.
HB 1069: Immunizations for higher education students.
HB 1079: School safety.
HB 1130: Protections for student journalists.
HB 1136: Latch key programs.
HB 1178: Voter registration opportunity for all motor vehicle transactions.
HB 1281: Various higher education matters.
HB 1344: Lead and arsenic soil contamination in East Chicago.
HB 1382: Charter schools.
HB 1383: Elementary school teachers.
HB 1384: Various education matters.
HB 1386: Competency based education.
HB 1396: Teacher licensing for military spouses.
HB 1430: Staff training concerning youth suicide.
HB 1449: Teacher induction pilot program.
HB 1463: Teachers’ defined contribution plan.
HB 1507: School buses.
HB 1537: Pension thirteenth checks.