Executive Director’s June 2018 Report

Posted on June 25, 2018

Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents

IAPSS wants to thank and congratulate the Wawasee Community School Corporation, the Wawasee School Board, the staff and students for allowing Dr. Edington to serve public education and public school superintendents as our president. This is a prestigious honor and you should be very proud to have Dr. Edington as your superintendent and having him serving others in this role. Of course, we want to thank Dr. Edington’s family for sharing in this honor and for sharing his talents with us.

We need to acknowledge Mrs. Amanda Jackson, Dr. Edington’s administrative assistant, for her tireless work in putting all of this together all the while tending to her real job responsibilities in the central office. Thank you so much Amanda.

I want to offer my sincere gratitude to Dr. Jeff Butts as the outgoing president of IAPSS. Dr. Butts has gone above and beyond in his determination to serve educators and superintendents in his role. In particular, when the state determined we were going to have new testing requirements, graduation pathways, and two accountability systems, we were so fortunate to have Dr. Butts representing us in these meetings with the State Board of Education. We were fortunate to have his intellectual capacity, open and honest communication skills, stellar reputation, and charming demeanor working for all Indiana educators and school leaders. As such, his ability to capture information and summarize for all of our benefits, we are grateful. Thank you, Jeff.

IAPSS exists to serve the professional needs of Indiana Public School Superintendents, but the association belongs to the members. As such, it can only be as strong as the members want and allow it to be. As those that came before us, we can thank them for their efforts in ensuring that IAPSS was providing great leadership programs for Indiana Public School Superintendents and making sure superintendents are the voice of public schools in communities and in the statehouse, so too can we take comfort in knowing we have strong leadership with all of you committing yourself to the future of IAPSS. Thank you so much.

Membership applications will be sent in early July for IAPSS and AASA, so be on the look out for them. Complete them and return them as soon as possible. Remember to include your personal check for the legal defense fund. Also, if you have a new superintendent next door, please remind and encourage them to join their professional associations, IAPSS and AASA.

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving as the IAPSS Executive Director. Please enjoy the remainder of the summer.