Executive Director’s Report

Posted on August 10, 2017

Executive Director

Here we are in August and we already have several school districts in session. The advent of the balanced calendar has changed our school world.

However, this change has made it difficult for IAPSS to schedule some its regular meetings with Indiana school superintendents, but we adapt and overcome. The calendar is set for most of the 2017-18 IAPSS events. Please see the link with our most current event dates and locations.

We are excited to welcome 23 new superintendents into the position in 2017-18. The IAPSS/IU New Superintendent’s Academy is planned and scheduled for October, March, and June to help those new to the profession with the transition.

We are also offering for the first time a mentoring program. We know what the research says about those who are mentored, whether it is a teacher, principal or superintendent, regarding their retention, longevity, and success in the position when supported by a mentor. IAPSS is partnering with Administrator Assistance with this initiative.

We continue to partner with Butler University school of education and school of business and their executive leadership team for the EPIC program. We are completing cohort I in November and their feedback has been tremendously encouraging. We are currently recruiting for cohort II which will begin in January on the Butler campus.

With our IT partner, Site Strategics, and newly developed website and social media presence, we have launched a podcast entitled, “Indiana Education Insight”. We have completed ten podcasts with a variety of guests discussing a variety of educational topics. These can be found on our website, YouTube, or Google Play at “IAPSS Indiana Education Insight”. If anyone has suggestions for guests or topics, we welcome them.

IAPSS would like to congratulate Dr. Brian Smith on his retirement as the Indiana School Boards Association’s executive director. IAPSS thanks Dr. Smith for his service and support in this role for Indiana public schools. Mr. Terry Spradlin has been named as Dr. Smith’s successor. IAPSS is looking forward our working relationship with Mr. Spradlin.

IAPSS wishes all Indiana public schools a wonderful and productive school year in 2017-18. Our thanks to all public school employees who serve the needs of Indiana students and families.

Dr. J. T. Coopman, Executive Director