January IAPSS President’s Message

Posted on January 23, 2018

Dr. Butts

Welcome to the best year yet…2018. I begin my January message with that statement and remind you of the theme from December’s President’s Message. Will this be your best year? It is absolutely your choice…so make it so!!

To that end, IAPSS members began the year with many opportunities to lead. The first came as a result of Mother Nature and her indecision. Indiana winters continue to keep us on our toes as we balance the weather conditions with the safety of our scholars and the attendance requirements of our schools. The second came with the Indiana General Assembly and the over 100 education-related bills that are being considered in this short session. The third happened recently as each of us celebrated with our Boards of Education during their reorganization meeting as they appointed their 2018 officers. Fourth, a group of IAPSS Superintendents from across Indiana began working as an advisory team with the SBOE and IDOE to assist in the implementation process of the new graduation pathways. And we each have many more opportunities that are specific to our local communities.

And that is just in the first couple weeks of the new year. As I look towards the next several weeks, I am excited to see the opportunities we have to work beside our IAPSS colleagues. Dr. McCormick’s Assessment and CTE Roadshow will occur in multiple locations across our state and at a location near you. Sixteen Superintendents have been selected to participate in the second EPIC cohort with IAPSS and Butler University which kicks-off this month. IAPSS professional development committee chairperson Laura Blessing has put together an amazing agenda for the IAPSS WInter Seminar on January 31. And, in just under a month, one of our largest Indiana contingents yet will converge on Nashville, TN for the AASA Conference. Speaking of excellent leadership, congratulations to Dr. Wendy Robinson, Indiana Superintendent of the Year and finalist for the AASA Superintendent of the Year. And, keep an eye out and ear open for discussions on the new proposed accountability model that has been proposed by the SBOE.

These opportunities and more only serve to strengthen how the members of IAPSS work together to take down the walls that have been built to quiet our collective voice. Through this collaboration, we become stronger and our IAPSS membership is more impactful. I am thankful for the leadership that our members are providing across Indiana. The Superintendent’s job is the greatest job ever!

Happy Holidays,

Jeffrey K. Butts, Ph.D.
M.S.D. of Wayne Township Superintendent
2017-18 IAPSS President