March 2019 IAPSS Newsletter

Posted on March 25, 2019

Strategic Planning: Is Your Board Ready?

Does your board have the proper processes in place to make a strategic plan come to life? Ensuring effective planning is a key responsibility of a nonprofit board. Make sure your board can answer yes to eight questions before tackling a strategic plan.

5 Tips for Communicating About School Lockdowns

Every school needs to be adequately prepared for the threat of school violence. Even if most lockdowns end without incident, your faculty, parents and students need to receive effective communication. Read more about some lockdown communication best practices.

When Managers Break Down Under Pressure, So Do Their Teams

Staying strong under pressure may be more important than you think. New research shows that your attitude under pressure directly impacts the performance of your team.

Trump Seeks 10 Percent Cut to Education Department Aid, $5 Billion for Tax-Credit Scholarships

President Trump is seeking quite a few changes to the 2020 budget. Your district budget might

be affected in significant ways. Check out the proposed funding changes. 

How the Trump 2020 Budget Request Affects Education Programs

Teacher training and afterschool programs take the biggest hit in Trump’s 2020 budget request while a new school safety grant program and charter school funding get a boost. Check out the specifics.

Building Positive Relationships with Students Struggling with Mental Health

On average, 49% of students struggle with diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health disorders. Learn some of the best ways your district’s teachers can use positive interaction strategies to meet the needs of these students.