May 2020 IAPSS Newsletter

Posted on May 29, 2020
Public education as we know it is changing before our eyes. IAPSS believes that every school leader should have the resources they need to make effective and positive decisions for their students and staff. The following articles are pieces that we believe our network of administrators can use to navigate how schools might reopen.

State Policy Responses and Other Executive Actions to the Coronavirus in Public Schools

Searching for COVID-19 news pertaining to education is difficult in an ever-evolving news cycle. The Education Commission of the States has created a comprehensive site that tracks COVID-19 legislation that could impact schools.

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Too Expensive to Re-Open Schools? Some Superintendents Say It Is

Superintendents and administrators across the country are doing their best to make reopening schools as safe and as financially sound as possible. Some superintendents believe that reopening in the fall before a vaccine is developed is going to be risky and costly. Read more about what these school leaders have to say in this article.

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South Korea’s First Day Back at School During COVID-19

Outside of the United States, countries that have a handle on the coronavirus are beginning to enter classrooms again. South Korea may serve as a model for how American education institutions can safely reopen. Read more about their efforts in this article.

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6 Classroom Changes Teachers Will Make When Schools Reopen

In-person teaching may never be “traditional” again. COVID-19 has forced teachers, administrators, and students to adapt and adjust to a new normal. So what does education look like when schools reopen? Read what teachers across the country are saying in this article.

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