A Message from our Executive Director

Posted on February 8, 2017

Dr. J. T. Coopman, Executive Director

Friends and colleagues:
With the national and state election results, the world of public education is changing forever so put on your seat belts. With the nomination of Betsy DeVoss as the new secretary of education, public education was imperiled even more.
Just a few short months ago, we were filled with optimism with ESSA and what could have been done to allow states to make dramatic changes in favor of student learning and opportunities to provide instructional leadership. I fear the optimism is lost and we will return to sanctions and retributions for public schools.
Just yesterday in the Indiana legislature, the House Education committee voted along party lines to expand pre-school education opportunities but also forwarded language in the same bill to allow for the largest expansion of vouchers in the USA beginning with pre-school students and their siblings. I am sure Secretary DeVoss is thrilled with that outcome!
With so much change so fast and so frightening, please know IAPSS members and I will continue to address any and all efforts to derail and defile public education in Indiana. However, the most effective work to defend public education must be done at the local level and involve parents who will fight the fight at home and at the ballot box. With 95% of students currently enrolled in public schools, this is a fight that must be done and worth the effort. Please – STAND UP FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION!