Standing Up for Public Education – President’s Message

Posted on May 9, 2017

Jeff Hendrix

On June 9, 2017, a historic event will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana. That event will be a change in the IAPSS Executive Committee leadership team. The Installation of Dr. Jeff Butts as our new President will occur along with the installation of Dr. Thomas Edington, President-Elect; Mr. John Hunter, Vice-President; Dr. Tracy Lorey, Secretary; and Dr. Greg Hinshaw, Treasurer.

So why is this a historic event? As the current President of IAPSS, and a member of IAPSS for over 15 years, I have had the privilege to serve with these very respected individuals on the IAPSS Executive Committee as well as worked with some of them as superintendent colleagues and friends. What I have learned is that each of these leaders truly stands up for public education in our state. They have all served in many different capacities on state and local committees that have had a major impact on key educational issues for our schools, our children and our association. They have never been afraid to issue a statement or defend their viewpoints when it comes to doing what is best for Indiana students and Indiana public schools. So yes, June 9th will be historic because we will be installing our own Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents’ Dream Team of Leaders.

As we look forward to the next year of leadership, I would ask that every school superintendent in the State of Indiana support our new IAPSS leaders and our great director, J.T. Coopman. I don’t think it takes a crystal ball to realize that the future of K-12 public education is facing many challenges ahead. We need every superintendent to be vigilant in speaking up for public education in his or her own community, in our state and at the national level. We have a strong voice and we must continue to demand that our legislators hold all public, charter, private and parochial schools accountable, equally and fairly, to our Indiana taxpayers when they receive public monies. We need to be adamant that funding must be equitable for all schools and that it adequately supports the continued operation of our schools and the education of our students. As superintendents, we must unite with one voice and one clear message.

In closing, it has been a great year and an honor for me to serve as your President of IAPSS. I have been so appreciative of your support and the support of a great IAPSS Executive Committee and Director. I have enjoyed this opportunity to serve and I am very humbled to have been elected by you to serve as President. I hope that I have served you well in standing up for public education! Thank you!

Jeff Hendrix
President of IAPSS