Teaching Generation Z? Start by engaging their parents—here’s how we did it | eSchool News

Posted on April 11, 2017

Parents with Child

Article from eSchool News – Daily Tech News and Innovation

By Dr. Shawn Bishop

A principal reveals how his school got over 200 families signed up in one night to actively participate in student learning and school culture.

A huge body of research shows that parental involvement in a child’s education results in higher student achievement, both academically and behaviorally. I’ve been in K-12 education for 22 years, serving in roles from teacher to superintendent, and my students have always shown greater success when their parents are involved in the educational process. However, parents today are busy people, so connecting with them can be complicated to arrange.

I believe we desperately need to communicate with parents—especially those who are new to the country—and the best way to reach them is through processes that they are familiar with.

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