Being Vigilant – President’s Message

Posted on March 7, 2017

IAPSS President

As superintendents, one of our biggest responsibilities is to look after our districts based on the guiding principle of “What is good for children.” We all realize that this responsibility can be very challenging because there are so many competing interests that may take us away from doing our best to protect our students. In looking forward to the next several years, superintendents will be faced with many challenges in public education. We must become vigilant to ensure that our national and state leaders are held accountable to making good education decisions that will have a positive impact on public school children.

It is important that each of us continue to share the good news about the work that public schools are doing with all of our children. You may recall the “Blueberry Story” that businessman and public school advocate, Jamie Vollmer, tells about how his view of public education changed, and why I bring that up is that public school teachers, administrators, support staff and school board members educate every child, every day in public schools. We do not get to pick and choose who gets a great education and who does not. We should all know and embrace a mission and vision focused on helping every child succeed who walks through our school house doors every day.

This is the time in Indiana when we all need to reach out to our legislators and governor and share the great news about Indiana public schools. We are doing great work. It is time that we receive recognition for our great work. We should also ask our legislators and the governor to invest in public schools with adequate and equitable dollars that go beyond the current levels of support. Let us all make our voices be heard in unison.

It is our time to make a difference in public education. Please take the time and call, write or meet with your local legislators and ask for their help.

Jeff Hendrix
President, IAPSS